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Botox Injection | Culver City

What is Botox?

Botox blocks acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for letting muscle cell receptors know if they should shrink or expand.

The certified clinicians at the True Jewel Cosmetic Center treat facial lines and wrinkles by blocking signals to the nerves which ultimately smooth out the muscles in your face. Patients are able to experience a softer & smoother look for up to six months.

What are the advantages of Botox?

With Botox, you can say goodbye to both new and old crows’ feet lines, forehead wrinkles, smoker’s and frown lines, and much more!

You will notice lines and wrinkles fading just three to five days following treatment. We recommend following up with another session within a few months however in little time the muscles in your face will relax, leading to more obscured wrinkles and lines.

It is best to use Botox with skin cream, sunblock, or your normal skincare routine to stop new lines from forming and old ones from becoming more severe. Botox has shown the best results with moderate lines and wrinkles and stops them from worsening.

The Botox procedure we provide gives you reliable results, needs no downtime for healing, is minimally invasive, and is verified both effective and safe.

Before your next Botox treatment:

Please consider rescheduling if you are experiencing health complications before receiving treatment. Treatment with botox is not intended for patients who are breastfeeding or pregnant and it is your responsibility to let us know of your current health condition.
Botox typically lasts for three months however depending on the strength of your facial muscles, results may wear off quicker for you if this is the first time you are receiving an injection or it has been a while since your last one.
If you have weaker muscles in your face or regularly get treated with Botox you may see results lasting as long as five months or more.
Make your next appointment with us three months in advance for best results.
One week prior to treatment, cease taking any and all supplements or medications (including NSAIDs and fish oil) that cause blood thinning or that may increase bleeding, swelling, or bruising where you will be injected.
Do not consume alcoholic beverages for 24 hours before your procedure to avert complications from blood thinning.
Please reschedule if you have obligations to work or social that directly follow the procedure to avoid conflict with your recovery time.
Do not consume caffeine and consider snacking on something healthy prior to your procedure to help stop you from becoming lightheaded
Please do not wear makeup when you arrive and have your face freshly washed.

Following your Botox treatment:

Immediately following your injection, small nodules may form where you were treated. Avoid massaging these as they will disappear within several minutes.
Alcohol is used to clean the treated area before being injected. This has been known to cause itchy or dry skin but can be easily treated with Vaseline and moisturizers.
Please avoid direct and high heat for 24 hours after treatment.
It is not uncommon to feel a slight headache after being injected with a needle. This is not caused by Botox and generally goes away within 36 hours. Avoid aspirin and other blood thinners however other over-the-counter medications can alleviate discomfort.
Small bruises can appear however they do not typically stick around for longer than several days and can be covered up with makeup if needed.

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