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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Hair
Culver City

Experiencing hair loss or want to be proactive without undergoing surgery? At the True Jewel Cosmetic Center our expertly trained clinicians are proud to execute PRP therapy for thinning hair for both men and women.

Studies have shown that PRP therapy is an effective new treatment that helps clinicians learn how wounds and tissues heal. The process uses the patient’s own blood and is efficient at stimulating hair follicles as well as the scalp.

What Is the Evidence that PRP Works?

Numerous studies published from across the world prove the effectiveness of PRP for the stimulation of hair growth. Studies like the one discussed in Dermatologic Surgery by Korean Clinicians have shown PRPs effectiveness as well as it’s safety as a modern and practical therapy for treating hair loss.

From treating wounds to being used in neurosurgery, orthopedics, sports medicine, oral and cosmetic surgeries, and more, PRP therapy has proven to be an effective treatment for over twenty years. When combined with other therapies, PRP is very successful at treating wounds and healing skin across multiple medicinal fields of study.

PRP therapy has shown encouraging results for patients experiencing hair loss and do not want to deal with surgical complications such as long healing times or surgery itself. PRP Therapy is still being studied for stimulating hair growth however the results so far are promising. PRP also works when combined with other FDA approved therapies like Minoxidil and DHT blockers.

How Does PRP Work?

Platelets in blood plasma are made up of several small structures like alpha granules, glycogen, and lysosomes which help your body heal tissue and wounds. They also can cause stem cells located in hair follicles to reawaken and start to grow hair once again. Lysosomes break down decaying cell matter and fight viruses while granules allow PRP to cause cell growth and clotting. Platelets are also responsible for forming new cells and healing by speeding up regeneration rates. Due to PRP stimulation of inactive hair follicles, our clinicians can take advantage of PRP’s effectiveness in hair restoration to offer you a promising treatment.

How Is the Treatment Performed?

When you arrive for treatment at the True Jewel Cosmetic Center you will first have your blood drawn and placed in a sterile centrifuge by one of our clinicians. Once there the centrifuge will spin at high speeds until the blood and plasma are separated. Once done, the PRP can be injected directly into your scalp for treatment.

What Can I Expect?

Treatment with PRP therapy typically lasts around an hour or so. No medications or sedatives are used during this treatment (before, during, or after) so you are able to drive yourself home once your session is complete.

Why PRP Therapy?

There are currently several clinical studies taking place as well as previously published studies, anecdotal documentation, and case reports speaking to PRP’s effectiveness and safety.

If you are looking for a nonsurgical hair loss treatment that stimulates your own follicles naturally with your own platelets then PRP treatment may be for you!

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