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PRP Injections Treatment in Culver City CA

Looking for an innovative treatment to rehabilitate wounds or sports related injuries? PRP or Platelet-Rich-Plasma Therapy at the True Jewel Cosmetic Center is effective at healing wounds and more. First, our clinicians take a sample of the patient’s blood and place it into a centrifuge to remove protein-rich Plasma which also contains high amounts of red and white blood cells. Next, the plasma is injected back into the body where needed to promote healing. We also use this incredible method for microneedling and hair growth as it is a very effective way of treating various conditions.

A patient receiving a platelet rich plasma injection as part of her hair rejuvenation treatment.

Benefits of PRP Injections

Many professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, and more are using PRP Therapy to treat a variety of injuries. When plasma is injected into the body, your healing ability is promoted, leading to effective treatments in the following areas and more:

Muscles and Tendons

Joints and Ligaments

The Skin

And a whole lot more!

At the True Jewel Cosmetic Center, we use PRP injections to help heal a number of injuries from tendonitis, torn tendons, to muscle and joint injuries, arthritis pain, and more. PRP Injections can also be used as a form of a cosmetic treatment, where patients see results with healthy, glowing skin in the areas of injection.


Results can last up to a whole year however it may take a few weeks for pain to be relieved in the area treated. Cosmetic results can be seen as soon as 1 week from the treatment. You may need additional sessions depending on the injury or cosmetic goals.  If this is necessary, one of our trained practitioners will work out a treatment plan for you.

Before your PRP injection treatment

We strongly recommend eating a healthy snack and being well hydrated before your treatment to avoid risk of becoming lightheaded during the procedure.

Please cease taking any medications or vitamins/ supplements that cause blood thinning like Aspirin, Omega-3, or Ibuprofen.

Inform a clinician if you have cancer, anemia, any infections, or an abnormal platelet count/ function before treatment.

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