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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery in Culver City, CA

During fat transfer breast augmentation, the patient’s own body fat is used to augment the breasts. Breast augmentation with fat transfer is also effective for correcting asymmetry in breasts, improving the appearance of existing implants, or reconstructing your breasts after surgery.

You can schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Partovi in Culver City to learn more about fat transfer breast augmentation.

What is fat transfer breast augmentation surgery?

The procedure is also known as an ”autologous fat transfer” or “autologous graft”, and is recommended for women who wish to have larger, more shapely breasts, but do not wish to undergo the risks and recovery associated with breast implant surgery. This method is great for contouring other areas of the body at the same time as well.

Dr. Partovi specializes in breast surgery in Culver City, CA and is a well-respected, board-certified surgeon. Each procedure he does is carefully thought out to deliver the best results.

There are a lot of advantages to fat-transfer breast augmentation:

  • Implants do not pose any risk of complications, such as ruptures or capsular contractures
  • It eliminates the need for future breast surgeries for the replacement of implants
  • Due to the fact that it is the body’s own fat, there is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection
  • In contrast to a breast implant surgery, there are no large scars
  • It is capable of correcting asymmetry in the breast
  • The fat tissue of the body ages naturally just like the rest of the body
  • It has a natural appearance and feel
  • Fat can be harvested from other areas of the body by contouring them
  • Recovery is faster

Candidates for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery

Women who wish to have their breast size increased by about one cup size, may benefit from fat transfer surgery. Other ideal candidates are women who want to restore their lost upper breast volume and shape following weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is suitable for candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a good level of physical and mental well-being
  • A sufficient amount of excess fat can be removed in order to augment the area that is of concern
  • Maintain a stable weight
  • Expect realistic results from the procedure

The use of a breast lift fat transfer in a breast augmentation procedure can address a variety of different issues related to the breasts and breast tissue. For patients interested in breast augmentation or correction combined with body contouring, you can contact Dr. Partovi’s office in Culver City for a free consultation.

Preparing for Your Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

You can get answers to any questions you have about fat transfer breast augmentation at Culver City’s True Jewel Cosmetic Center during your consultation appointment.

During your consultation with your surgeon, you will discuss your aesthetic goals as well as potential donor sites on your body from which to extract excess fat. The abdomen, arms, and love handles are common areas of the body where weight is stored.

We will provide you with detailed pre-operative instructions before your surgery if you decide this procedure is the right choice for you.

The Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure

Anesthesia is administered prior to your operation, and then liposuction is performed to remove fat from your natural fat deposits, most commonly the abdomen, inner side of the thighs and outer side of the thighs. An ultra-slim cannula is used to suction away the unwanted fat, leaving small, discrete entry points into the donor area.

A centrifuge is then used to isolate the clean fatty tissue that will be injected.

A strategically placed re-injection of fat will be performed by Dr. Partovi in order to achieve the desired shape and volume in the patient’s breasts. During your recovery, not all fat will establish itself in your breasts, therefore, Dr. Partovi will deliberately inject extra fat into your breasts so that you do not lose volume.

If any fat does not take up during the transfer, it will naturally be absorbed by the body, and unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how much fat will be absorbed by the body.

Results of a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery

There will be immediate results, but they will continue to improve over time. As soon as the swelling subsides, you will be able to see your final results. During the first few weeks following the procedure, a small amount of fat may be reabsorbed by the body. Successfully grafted fat will remain in the breast tissue for the remainder of your life.

Recovering From Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

There may be some bruising and tenderness in the liposuction treatment area as well as in the breasts after liposuction. Liposuction recovery time depends on the extent and location of the procedure. After a procedure, patients are usually able to resume normal daily activities within several days, with some restrictions on strenuous activities for two weeks following the procedure.

You will be provided with specific post-operative instructions following your breast augmentation in order to ensure the best possible outcome. It is likely that you will need a ride to and from the hospital after your procedure, as well as some assistance with daily activities during the first couple of days following the procedure.

You will be able to remove your bandages within 2-3 days. The most common symptoms during this period are redness and bruising, and swelling may last for a few weeks.

Besides your healed liposuction sites, it’s also important to avoid direct pressure on newly transferred fat for two weeks after the procedure.

It is recommended that you take a few days off from work in order to rest and recover. After the procedure, there may be swelling and a slight discomfort for a period of 2-3 weeks. In addition, even though the breasts will appear larger, the final results will occur approximately six months following injection of the fat.

Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Right for Me?

Please contact Dr. Partovi at his cosmetic surgery practice in Culver City, CA if you would like more information about fat transfer breast augmentation.

A personal consultation with Dr. Partovi will allow him to gain a better understanding of your aesthetic concerns and desires. During the exam, Dr. Partovi will review your medical history and look at any health issues you have. All of these factors will be taken into account as he makes a treatment plan.

He’ll be able to give you an accurate estimate of the cost after he determines where and how much fat to extract. If you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation with fat transfer, you will receive a date and a detailed list of preparation instructions before your procedure.

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