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PDO Threads Treatment in Culver City, CA

PDO Threads is the premier and immediate facelift procedure with no surgery required! True Jewel Cosmetic Center is proud to offer PDO threads as an alternative treatment to facelifts, here in Culver City, California.


PDO Threads Can Be Used To Treat The Following:


Pull back, smooth, and tighten the mid and upper cheek

Lift the eyebrows (Foxy Eyes)

Tighten and Lift the Neck and Excess Skin

Lifts the Jowl area of the face

And Much More!

What Are PDO Threads/NovaThreads?

Does your skin sag or look loose? PDO Threads prompt the body to naturally increase the creation of collagen in the body to bring about “controlled healing”  using a non-surgical treatment made of completely absorbable sutures containing polydioxanone (PDO). This procedure has been proven to work both effectively and safely as these very sutures have been in practice for over 60 years during cardiac surgeries. As the sutures dissolve, your skin will become tighter and repair itself leading to a minimally invasive treatment with results lasting up to a year!

The PDO Threads Procedure


Four to six months following treatment, your NovaThreads will begin to steadily dissolve.  Results will be apparent for up to twelve months post-treatment, even longer in most cases.

Other Areas That PDO Threads Can Treat Include:


Lifting the Arms

Lifting the Buttocks

Lifting the Breasts

Lifting the skin under the eyes

Lifting the knees

Chest/Decollete Area

Knee lift

Nose and surrounding areas

Plus more!

How Long Do Effects Last For?


Four to six months following treatment, your NovaThreads will begin to steadily dissolve. Results will be apparent for upto twelve months post-treatment.

Before Your NovaThreads Procedure


One Week Before Treatment At True Jewel Cosmetic Center

Do not take blood-thinning medications of any kind, over-the-counter or not, to avoid complications during your treatment.  This includes refraining from taking Motrin, Aleve, Aspirin, and Ibuprofen as well as certain supplements like omega-3, vitamin E, and garlic.

To lessen the possibility of swelling or bruising, some patients have found arnica capsules/cream and pineapple (fruit form or juice) to be effective.

Post Treatment Instructions

Do not partake in any demanding exercise for three days.

Do not consume big or demanding food items that could cause threads to break.

Do not massage your face for two weeks after treatment.

Pain and bruising is common at the insertion points.  Please consult a practitioner or a staff member at the True Jewel Cosmetic Center if you are experiencing pain for more than two weeks after your treatment.  Consider using topical or oral arnica for aid with bruises.

Swelling is also common in the face however it should not last longer than two weeks.  Please contact us if you are experiencing swelling for longer than two weeks.


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