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Sclerotherapy Spider Vein Removal
In Culver City

Sclerotherapy treats spider veins and reticular veins by injecting the sclerosing agent, Asclera. This harms endothelium while defending the walls of your veins, leading to the removal of platelets and cellular debris which usually causes clots and swelling in the veins. At the True Jewel Cosmetic Center, Sclerotherapy treatment is conducted safely, requires no surgery, and is minimally invasive.

Asclera (polidocanol) Injection Treats:

  • Not complicated reticular veins measuring a diameter of 1-3mm (small varicose veins).
  • Varicose veins, or not complicated veins measuring a diameter of under 1mm.

Asclera Studies

When compared to other treatments like STS (sodium tetradecyl sulfate), Asclera® has been shown to be more dependable. According to several studies conducted on patients who have undergone Asclera® treatment, an average of 87% of participants reported high satisfaction, with 75-90% of cases showing complete removal of spider veins.

What Is the Procedure Like?

The procedure is relatively quick, usually lasting between 15 to 45 minutes. In each session, several injections are carried out to collapse the vein fully. We advocate for several more appointments, spaced out by two weeks to completely collapse the vein. For spider veins, we recommend wearing compression socks/ support hose uninterrupted for up to three days following treatment and to do so for reticular veins for five to seven days after treatment. Please follow these guidelines for best results.

What Are Varicose Veins?

Usually found within the legs, Varicose Veins protrude from the skin and usually range in color between dark purple and blue.

What Are Spider Veins?
Thin red or bluish veins resembling a spider-web beneath your skin are called spider veins. They are usually very small and fine and can be in either tiny or large areas. Most commonly they will form around the legs or face and don’t bulge like varicose veins.

What Are Reticular Veins?

Reticular veins can be green or blue and can sometimes appear on individuals who also have spider veins. Reticular veins, sometimes referred to as feeder veins, can actually become larger from pressure but they do not bulge under your skin.

What Causes Spider and Reticular Veins?

There may be several causes of reticular or spider veins. Your heredity may be a factor as studies have shown that around half of patients with varicose veins have a relative with them as well. Age can also be a factor as veins tend to weaken as we grow older. Varicose veins are two to three times more common in women, with age, pregnancy, hormonal changes, menopause, and birth control pills also being contributors. Pregnant women may form these veins as a result of more pressure in their legs however they typically do not stick around for longer than a year following pregnancy. Research has demonstrated that posture, race, occupation, valvular incompetence, and some hormones like estrogen or progesterone may lead to the risk of developing these veins. Other contributing components that may cause Varicose veins are being overweight and sitting for long durations.

What Should I Expect After Treatment?

You must uphold graduated compression for:

  • Two to three days after being treated for spider veins.
  • Five to seven days after being treated for reticular veins.

Please also note that compression will reduce the liability of deep vein thrombosis and that bigger veins usually need more time for compression to reinforce your treatment

Please walk for:

  • 15 to 20 minutes immediately following your procedure.
  • Then every day for one week

Over the next two to three days please avoid:

  • Vitamins, drugs, and herbal supplements.
  • Hot baths, saunas, or hot tubs which can cause irritation.
  • Remaining seating in one position for long durations (do not fly).
  • Being exposed to the sun for long periods of time.
  • Exerting yourself physically.

Please remember to inform your clinician of your current medical status and of any medications you may be taking.

Who should avoid being treated with Asclera?

  • Are pregnant, expecting to be, or nursing.
  • Have thromboembolic disease.
  • Experience vein or blood clotting.
  • Are allergic to polidocanol

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