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Restylane Refyne in Culver City, CA

Restylane Refyne utilizes hyaluronic acid to diminish laugh lines and leave you looking naturally younger.  This prominent dermal filler is thicker than others, making it ideal for increasing elasticity, flexibility, and fighting laugh lines in thick tissue areas.

How Does Restylane Refyne Work?

Restylane Refyne restores volume to nasolabial folds and marionette lines by restoring lost volume and smoothing out the skin to give your skin a natural look while maintaining your facial expressions. XpresHAn technology helps correct these lines by adding volume and restoring skin elasticity, bringing back your youthful appearance.

Restylane Refyne uses XpressHAn technology to rebuild volume and revitalize elasticity which smoothes marionette lines and nasolabial folds. Before long your skin will appear younger, maintain a natural look, and will retain facial expressions.

How Long Does Restylane Refyne Last?

Restylane Refyne is a wonderful dermal filler that works up to two years, providing long-lasting effects to your face. Additional sessions with fewer doses of Restylane are available following the two years for optimal results.

The body naturally creates hyaluronic acid, a sugar, to keep skin healthy and joints well lubricated/mobile. Similar to a sponge, Hyaluronic acid absorbs water like a cushion. This adds volume, smoothes skin, fills in wrinkles and depression lines, and passes nutrients to other areas of the body. Using this natural sugar, Restylane Refyne adds plumpness to your cheeks, creating a young and rejuvenated look for you.

Restylane Refyne is the first and only FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler used to care for the face and hands.

Restylane Refyne does not source its hyaluronic acid from animals, so no allergy testing is necessary before treatment.

There is no allergy testing required as the hyaluronic acid in Restylane Refyne does not come from animals.

Restylane Refyne works with all types of skin and colors. It is safe, effective, and does not lead to hyperpigmentation or hypertrophic scars.

If you are looking for natural-appearing and long-lasting plump cheeks, Restylane Refyne may be the best treatment available for you

Restylane Refyne is produced by medical beauty industry leader Galderma.

Restylane Refyne Results

Virtually all of our patients see results right away, greater volume in the cheeks and a youthful lift.

Results are instant. Plumper cheeks can last up to two years.

Restylane Refyne Side Effects

Restylane Refyne has mild side effects that are short in duration, like redness, itching, bruising, tenderness, and swelling. They subside within 2 to 4 weeks.

Restylane Refyne can come with some moderate, yet temporary side effects that last anywhere from two to four weeks. Reported effects include itchiness, bruising, tenderness, redness, and swelling.

Please avoid heat, exercise, and exposure to direct sunlight for one to two days after being treated.

Most patients return to their regular activities immediately following the procedure.

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