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Lower Body Lift Surgery in Culver City, CA

Lower body lift plastic surgery procedures are popular among people who want to reduce the size of their hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. These procedures can also be used to remove excess skin after weight loss, but they may also be done for cosmetic reasons. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Partovi at Culver City’s True Jewel Cosmetic Center can help you achieve your body contouring goals with lower body lifts.

What Is a Lower Body Lift?

Choosing between a tummy tuck, a thigh reduction, or a Brazilian butt lift can be difficult. The good news is that a lower body lift can address all three at once.

In a lower body lift, the hips, thighs, and buttocks are reshaped through a series of surgical procedures. This procedure involves liposuction and body reshaping and can take three to five hours. Massive weight loss patients benefit from it in terms of both functional and aesthetic concerns. Lower-body lifts can lift loose trunk and thigh tissues using a circumferential incision along the bikini line.

An added benefit of a lower body lift is that it re-suspends the lateral and anterior thighs, giving them a firmer look. A patient with excess skin caused by aging or losing weight is a good candidate for this procedure. Lower body lifts don’t replace weight loss, so you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle afterward. Before you have surgery, you should be close to your long-term goal weight and in the best physical and emotional shape.

Lower body lifts are great for people who have excess cellulite around their thighs and buttocks, or who just want to reshape and sculpt their abdomens.

Benefits of lower body lifts include:

  • Reduces the amount of loose, inelastic skin
  • It tightens and firms the skin around your stomach, flanks, lower back, buttocks, and thighs.
  • Body contours are enhanced

Preparing for a Lower Body Lift

The first step is for Dr. Partovi to complete a full aesthetic and physical assessment of your lower body. Here’s a preparation checklist for a typical lower body lift:

  • Taking a temporary break from smoking
  • Avoiding blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements
  • Increasing or decreasing dosage of existing medications
  • Maintaining a good hygiene regimen
  • Avoiding certain foods and liquids the night before surgery

You will also discuss any health risks associated with the procedure with Dr. Partovi, such as:

  • Your blood pressure
  • If you are prone to bleeding
  • Complications resulting from previous surgical scarring

Following this, you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations with Dr. Partovi. Since a lower body lift is a significant surgical procedure, you should ensure that you are doing it for your own benefit, and not that of another person.

The Lower Body Lift Procedure In Culver City, CA

A lower body lift is essentially an extension of a tummy tuck. During this procedure, the lower torso is completely encircled by the incision made for the tummy tuck. Incisions will vary in length and pattern based on the amount and location of excess skin. It is possible, however, to conceal scars resulting from incisions by using state-of-the-art techniques that can be strategically placed behind most clothing and swimsuits.

First, your doctor will recommend either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia in order to keep you comfortable during the operation. A series of incisions will be made along the abdomen in a bikini pattern in order to remove the excess skin and use liposuction to remove the fat. Following the muscle sculpting procedure, the abdominal muscles are sutured into place so that they will appear tighter and more streamlined.

Liposuction is used to sculpt and reshape the thighs, and surgical body lifts are used to tighten and stretch the skin. The excess fat is removed through tumescent liposuction. To create a new contour, the skin is arranged and sutured in place.

Liposuction and surgical body lift techniques are then used to form the buttocks. Then, skin tissue is manipulated and repositioned to create a natural curve in the buttocks after excess fat is removed.

Candidates for Lower Body Lift Surgeries

An ideal candidate for a lower body lift is someone who is experiencing or has experienced:

Extreme Weight Loss

Losing weight, whether through diet or gastric bypass, may result in sagging, stretched, and deflated skin. The friction and heat caused by loose skin can also cause rashes and irritations. Due to the increasing prevalence of obesity worldwide, safe and effective lifting procedures are essential components of reconstructive strategies, and should be readily available to patients following significant weight loss.

Skin Elasticity Changes

Genetics, aging, and exposure to the sun can all contribute to this condition. The loss of elasticity of the skin is also a contributing factor to cellulite. The fat deposits that contribute to cellulite are more visible when the skin is weakened.

Body Changes After Pregnancy

Postpartum symptoms such as stretch marks, hard-to-lose baby weight, and separated abdominal muscles are quite common after pregnancy. A lower body lift could be added as part of a comprehensive mommy makeover to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy state.

Lower Body Lift Results

Results are immediate, but final results may take up to one or two years to fully emerge once the body has healed itself. There will always be some scars, but modern techniques make incision scars easily hidden by most clothing and swimsuits.

Results should be long-lasting if the patient maintains a stable weight and exercises regularly. Several studies have shown that patients who undergo lower body lifts experience significant improvements in feelings of attractiveness and self-esteem over the long term as well as diminished discomfort associated with excess skin. In addition to feeling happier and more attractive, patients also reported feeling more confident.

Recovery from Lower Body Lifts

As part of your recovery process, Dr. Partovi will apply bandages, dressings, and compression garments to the areas that have been treated. Under the skin, small, thin tubes can be temporarily inserted to drain excess fluids.

In order to monitor your healing, Dr. Partovi will require follow-up appointments. Please contact our office if you notice any signs of infection or if you have any concerns.

Dr. Partovi will provide you with instructions that may include:

  • Taking care of your treated areas
  • The medications you should take
  • What you should watch out for in terms of potential complications
  • The proper way to drain treated areas

It is recommended that you take at least two weeks off work and restrict your regular activities for a period of four to six weeks. You should wait at least six to eight weeks before you resume exercising.

It is expected that swelling and bruising will persist for a few weeks following surgery. In the event of discomfort, pain medication can be prescribed to relieve it. Swelling can be reduced with short walks and compression garments.

If you experience chest pains, shortness of breath, or unusual heartbeats, you should seek medical attention immediately.


When performed properly, a lower body lift can remove excess skin that results from massive weight loss resulting from diet and exercise or from bariatric surgery. Due to the extensive incisions involved, recovery can be difficult and wound healing can be challenging.

You will leave with visible scars; however, these are placed very low on the abdomen, usually in the pubic area, and run higher on the thighs to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the thighs, continuing along the lower back, just above the buttocks.

Most contemporary underwear and swimwear will conceal the scar once it has healed.

Despite the long recovery time, patients can experience a tighter, smoother body with no loose, hanging skin that prevents them from enjoying a full life. The procedure is considered to be one of the most worthwhile cosmetic procedures available in today’s marketplace by many patients.

Personal Consultations In Culver City, CA

Contact Dr. Partovi for a consultation so that you may learn more about the lower body lift and determine if this procedure is right for you. As part of your consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns you may have.

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