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Kybella Treatment in Culver City, CA

There is only one injectable FDA approved remedy for removing chin fat, also known as submental fullness.

An exuberant amount of fat beneath the chin is prevalent and caused by anything from gaining/ losing weight, your genes, growing older, or insufficient diets. This can be safely removed with a non-invasive treatment known as Kybella®.

Kybella® treats persistent fat through a nonsurgical process that eliminates fat in the body. This includes your chin, jawline, breasts, hips, abdomen, thighs, and more.  The results are everlasting, require minimal downtime and no anesthesia, and is reasonably priced compared to uninsured cosmetic surgery.

What to Expect From Kybella?

Sessions rarely last more than 20 minutes are generally regarded as quick and simple. Micro needles are used for injection into the affected area, producing a temporary prickle while fat cells are destroyed and carried off as waste by the body. The amount of sessions needed depends on the affected areas size and density. Most patients require anywhere from one to three procedures every six weeks. You will see development within several weeks after your first session with more being available to obtain your goals.

Who is Kybella Right For?

Do you struggle with fat under the chin and would like to give your jawline a more contoured look? Do you appear older or heavier than you are? Do you want a noninvasive treatment with no downtime? Do you regularly exercise but just can’t seem to shake off stubborn fat?

If you are looking to remove chin fat, see a sharper jawline in the mirror, and look/feel younger then look no further. The procedure is non-invasive, requires minimal to no downtime and will reach your desired outcome.

How Does Kybella Work?

The human body instinctively breaks apart fat cells when we consume food using deoxycholic acid. Kybella is also made of this synthetic molecule which is effective at rupturing fat cells under the skin which in turn makes you appear slimmer. After these cells are removed, there is no fear in them returning as you may pick the number of treatments you are seeking to obtain your goals.

Is Kybella Right For Me?

You will first need to see a clinician at True Jewel Cosmetic Center about Kybella® to determine if the procedure is a fit for you. During this visit, you may discuss your personal objectives and desires to figure out how many sessions will be required for you.

Before & After Kybella Treatment

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