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PDO Threads Treatment in Marina Del Rey

If your skin is saggy, your face drooping, and you see wrinkles or lines on your forehead, you might be thinking about undergoing a facelift. But before shelling out the money for surgery, consider PDO threads.

A PDO facelift can be more affordable and less invasive than surgery. In addition, this is also one of the many innovative treatments available at True Jewel Cosmetic Center, Marina Del Rey.

Whether you are hearing about PDO Threads for the first time or know about it but are still contemplating if you should have it, here is more information to help you decide.

A PDO threads treatment done in Marina Del Rey, CA.

What are PDO Threads?

PDO Thread Treatment is a new non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses polydioxanone (PDO) threads to tighten and lift facial and neck skin. The treatment takes about 30 minutes, and results can be seen immediately.

PDO threads are inserted into the skin using a needle, and then the ends of the threads are pulled tight to create a lifting effect. The threads dissolve over time, so there is no need for removal surgery.

There are three main textures for PDO threads. One is Mono, which provides a slight lift. Another option is Cog, a barbed thread used to lift tissue and promote collagen production. Finally, Screw is an intertwined thread that can also provide volume augmentation.

While Mono tightens the skin, cogs and screws provide more lift and volume.

True Jewel uses NovaThreads for PDO. NovaThreads contain a biocompatible material called PDO, specially designed to facilitate safe reabsorption by the body.

NovaThreads can smooth your cheeks and mid-face area, lift your brows, lift your jowls, tighten your neck, and firm up body areas.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for NovaThreads?

NovaThread is beneficial to a wide range of people. Those between their late 30s and mid-50s with mild to moderate levels of skin laxity may be ideal candidates.

Is PDO NovaThreads Safe?

Polydioxanone (or PDO) sutures are among the safest materials used in the body (the same material used in cardiac surgery). NovaThreads contain an absorbable suture preloaded in hypodermic needles or blunt cannulas. Additionally, the FDA approved the PDO Thread lift used today in 2018.

What Should I Do Before My PDO NovaThreads Procedure?

Since NovaThreads are not invasive, there’s not much to do before your treatment. However, you must avoid over-the-counter blood thinner medications one week before your NovaThreads treatment to prevent complications. Among these medications are Motrin, Aspirin, and Aleve.

Garlic, Omega-3 capsules, and Vitamin E supplements are also not advised. Taking arnica capsules and drinking pineapple juice can also help reduce swelling and bruising.

What Should I Expect During My NovaThreads Procedure?

On the day of your PDO treatment in Marina Del Rey, you will head to our clinic. After cleaning and numbing the treatment area, we will begin the procedure.

Our team may lightly mark the area of concern during the session to have a reference point. These threads are polydioxanone sutures created by sliding the hypodermic needle just beneath your skin’s surface.

You will be reclining comfortably during your treatment. In addition, you won’t experience any discomfort since the treatment area has been sedated.

Among the benefits of this treatment is that it does not involve a lot of waiting. After your treatment, you will be able to return to work right away.

What Should I Do After My PDO NovaThreads Procedure?

It takes little time for you to recover from your NovaThreads procedure. The first 24 to 48 hours may be accompanied by bruising and swelling. However, you can resume most daily activities immediately.

You should avoid rubbing your face for a week after your procedure because it may dislodge the thread. You may also consider propping your head on a pillow to prevent rolling over in your sleep.

During the first few weeks following surgery, we usually suggest that you refrain from doing other activities, like:

  • smoking
  • sleeping on your side
  • getting a facial massage
  • pursing your lips
  • eating large strenuous foods
  • engaging in intense exercise
  • drinking through a straw

The insertion points may bleed and cause pain. Use topical and oral arnica for bruising relief. If you are still suffering from pain after two weeks, contact a member of our team at True Jewel Cosmetics in Marina Del Rey.

How Long Will My NovaThreads (PDO) Sutures Results Last?

On average, the lift and tightening of your skin resulting from NovaThreads PDO sutures last for nine to twelve months after surgery.

Will My Threads Be Visible?

Once your thread treatment has resulted in smoother, tighter, and more youthful skin, no threads will be visible on your skin. Some patients, especially those with thin skin, feel the threads when they touch the treated area.

However, even if you feel the threads after treatment, they will dissolve over time. So, you won’t notice them long afterward.

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles and Say Hello to Your New Youthful Look

True Jewel Cosmetic Center PDO NovaThreads can provide you with a youthful look. If you’re thinking about having an option that does not require surgery, this is an ideal procedure for you.

At True Jewel, we offer a free consultation to learn about your goals for your PDO Thread treatment in Marina Del Rey. Because no two individuals are alike, we’ll customize your treatment to address your specific needs. Our goal is to give you a more youthful appearance without the downtime of traditional surgery.

Call us on (424) 434-6999 or book an appointment via our website and give yourself the gift of a new you.

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