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PRP Hair Restoration Treatment in Venice, CA

Beautiful hair is a fashionable thing that each of us desires. At some points in life, you might experience hair loss or thinning due to such factors as pregnancy, aging, or certain therapies.

While hair loss due to natural causes like aging or genetics is irreversible, hair restoration is possible if the loss is caused by other factors, including too much stress, pregnancy, certain therapies, and so much more.

If you are proactive about your hair loss, there are many ways you can get help. In Venice, CA, we offer the most effective non-surgical hair restoration treatment known as the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Stay around to learn what this process involves and how you can use it to fight your hair loss without having to undergo surgery for it.

What is PRP Hair Restoration?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)is a highly effective hair restoration treatment in which plasma is taken from your blood and injected into your scalp to help stimulate hair growth and repair. PRP is a relatively painless procedure that requires zero healing time.

Plasma is the liquid part of the blood, while platelets are a type of blood cell responsible for healing throughout your body.

At True Jewel Cosmetics Center in Venice, CA, clinicians take your blood sample and spin it using a certain device called a centrifuge to remove other blood components from the sample, leaving only platelets in the plasma.

Afterward, the PRP is injected into your scalp to prevent further hair loss, stimulate new hair growth, and strengthen your weak or thin hair.

The process is becoming more popular due to its effectiveness. Alongside hair loss treatment, the procedure is also used to treat tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries, osteoarthritis, skin rejuvenation, and much more.

How Does PRP Hair Loss Treatment Work?

As mentioned above, PRP is blood with a high concentration of platelets. Your blood is made up of plasma-the liquid part of the blood, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

To get the platelet-rich plasma, a blood sample is drawn from your blood. The sample blood is then spined in a device called a centrifuge. This device extracts all other blood components from the sample, leaving only the platelets.

The function of the platelets is to stimulate healing throughout your body. It helps blood clot to cover a wound, leading to its healing. This blood component is also known to promote cell reproduction, hence cell growth.

After the centrifuge removes all other blood components from the blood and only platelets remain in the plasma, a health clinician takes out the blood using a syringe and injects it into your scalp.

PRP helps in hair restoration by;

  • Speeding up cell regeneration
  • Stimulating and promoting new blood vessel development around your hair follicles. For healthy hair, follicles need access to nutrients, therefore, when more blood vessels are created, there is an increase of such nutrients around the follicles
  • Stimulating dormant hair follicles. This is aided by the rich and high concentration of cytokines together with growth factors in the platelets, which can be activated before being injected in the areas with thinning hair.

Who Can Get PRP Hair Restoration Treatment?

Although anyone can be a candidate for PRP hair restoration treatment, it can work better for some individuals than others.

Basically, the process is ideal for those suffering from severe hair loss, baldness, a receding hairline, and more. However, certain conditions, such as the following, can make the treatment inappropriate for you.

  • Medical conditions can worsen or even spread through injections. Such conditions as metastatic disease, active infections, and some skin conditions can deter you from undergoing the process
  • Anemia is a condition in which blood does not have enough healthy red blood cells to distribute oxygen in the body. The procedure is not safe for you, especially if you are undergoing anticoagulation therapy
  • Pregnancy. Although this is debatable with some health practitioners, it’s not advisable to undergo the procedure while pregnant due to injection effects like sepsis which can be a threat to your fetus
  • Certain blood conditions and bleeding disorders.

Why Should You Choose PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

Platelets-Rich-Plasma has several benefits as a hair loss treatment option. Below are some of the reasons you should consider this method over many other available options;

  • Minimal side effects. The injection comes with mild side effects, if any. Such effects might include tenderness on the injection site.
  • No downtime. PRP injection does not require any healing time, unlike surgery options
  • The natural process has long-lasting effects. This treatment uses your platelets; thus, nothing foreign goes into your body. Also, you’ll experience its results for longer periods after the initial treatment series.

What Other Conditions Can the PRP Procedure Treat?

Other than hair loss, PRP injections can be used to treat other conditions such as;

Tendon, ligament, joint, and muscle injuries; PRP works well when used to treat various musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Conditions affecting these areas usually take a longer time to heal; for example, a jumper’s knee. A few shots of PRP, therefore, help speed the healing process.

Post-surgical Healing; These injections are also used as a post-surgery treatment. With the healing effect of platelets, PRP injections speed up the healing of post-surgery wounds.

Skin rejuvenation; Another scenario where PRP injections are used is to rejuvenate the skin. The injections work as an anti-aging treatment; even though more study is needed to determine whether the injections help in wrinkle reduction or prevent other aging signs.

Why Should You Use True Jewel Cosmetic Center in Venice For PRP Hair Restoration?

Are you fighting the hair loss challenge in Venice or its environs? True Jewel Cosmetic Center is the right place to visit for your PRP hair loss treatment! A relief, right?

At True Jewel Cosmetic Center, we offer nonsurgical cosmetic treatment solutions for people suffering from various health complications. Armed with state-of-art equipment, a highly experienced team of health professionals, advanced methodologies, and much more, True Jewel Cosmetic Center is the best place to visit for all your cosmetic needs.

If you are experiencing excessive hair loss, a receding hairline, baldness, and more, you need to consult our reputable physicians for quick solutions.

We offer many other services along with PRP. Such services include laser hair removal, PDO threads, Kybella treatment, facials, and much more. Book your appointments in Venice and start your hair restoration journey now!


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